How to Promote Your Local Business with Blipp

With blipp, you can take a photo or a video of what’s going on around you and it will disappear after 24 hours. 

That is a simple idea, but a very powerful feature. With it, you can use it to post whatever is going on around you and attract people to your area.

This is invaluable with blipp.

With blipp, you can post a photo or a video of what is going on in your shop / restaurant and any special deals that you have that day.

Next time you have a special, post a blipp! 

blipp for concerts

This is the start of a series where we go over the potential uses of blipp. 

One of the biggest ways that we see blipp being used is through music artists. With blipp, users can promote their shows for existing and new fans to show up and see where they are. 

The potential for this system is huge because new people can discover your music, and who you are through blipp.

What do you think? Do you think artists have the best chance of using the app?